We are a wholesale distributor of renowned Italian brands OP

The whole range of OP spare parts is certified by IATF 16949:2016 and complies with the technical specifications and production standards offered by the manufacturer, according to EEC Directive no. 461/2010 specifying that Open Parts Quality Equals that of the Genuine Part.


Engine Oil

Thanks to advanced research into base oils and sophisticated additives, OP engine oils guarantee efficiency and high performance. OP oils conform to international standards and satisfy manufacturers' requirements for petrol and diesel engines.

The formulation of OP oil results from the use of high-quality raw materials and premium additives. It complies with international car manufacturer standards and is suited for the most recent engines.

OP Oil


The latest generation multigrade lubricating oil specially formulated for high-performance multi-valve petrol engines and TDI diesel engines.


A semi-synthetic oil that exceeds the most important automotive industry specifications. A balanced selection of base oils and carefully selected additives ensure:

  • maximum engine protection
  • excellent lubrication under all operating conditions
  • low evaporation for reduced oil consumption


An extremely high quality, fully synthetic oil that conforms to the latest international standards and satisfies the requirements of European manufacturers for petrol and diesel engines. Thanks to its low level of sulphated ash phosphorus sulphur (SAPS), this oil conforms to ACEA C3 standard and is ideal for use in modern engines equipped with anti-particulate exhaust gas treatment systems (APF or DPF).