About Us

We aim to serve our customers professionally while instilling trust. Loyalty from our customers is by far mostly valued.

Tony’s VRT Parts & Services Ltd is a family business with a long history in the automotive sector. It was founded and still run by Anthony, known as Tony together with his family. From the start of this business, we strived to keep direct contact with our customers, and always made our top priority to instill trust as a fundamental base. We always aim to provide a professional service and we always strive to improve whenever possible. We also make sure that we import and retail in high quality products at the customers’ satisfaction. We serve our customers in the best way and thus why we are renowned for our service and commitment towards our clients.

Along the years we have evolved our business to provide our clients a one-stop-shop when it comes to their vehicle. In fact, we specialize in repairs and maintenance of light-vehicles, imports of high quality auto parts from European countries and road worthiness testing of light vehicles.