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Tony’s VRT Parts & Services Ltd was originally founded by Anthony Micallef in 1982 when he was only 20 years of age. Until 1992 Anthony, better known as Tony, used to carry out repairs and servicing on light-weight cars in a small garage, named as Tony’s Mechanic, situated in one of St’ Paul’s Bay’s main roads. Tony used to carry out the auto-mechanic services by himself with the help of a full-time employee.

A couple of years later Tony opened a small spare parts shop, just few doors away from the garage where he operated. This tiny shop was co-managed by Tony and his wife; Marthese, who at the time they already had two offsprings.
Tony’s ambitions weren’t entirely satisfied as yet, as he had a whole greater project in head, which he was convinced that one day or another was going to be realised. As a matter of fact only ten years from when the business took off, that is to say, 1992 when their third child was only one year old, Tony together with his wife bought a piece of land in the centre of St’ Paul’s Bay. On this land Tony built what today is his ‘empire’, that is, an enhanced, larger garage (what he always dreamt of) and a bigger spare-parts shop. The business soon started to mature. Tony employed two qualified mechanics and also trained an apprentice. He also took the initiative to employ on a part-time basis, someone to manage and keep the shop going. The at the time, young shop keeper; Norman, with whom today everyone is familiar, at the age of 24, started to gain knowledge about the business and eventually gave up his full-time job and joined indefinitely Tony’s Mechanic and Autoparts.

And still a lot had to come, as Tony never thought that the business grew enough, but he always thought that there is still much to do. With special thanks to his family support and the reliable and trustworthy clientele, Tony once again realised another project. This is when Tony was one of the first few who opened a VRT station in Malta. In 2000, Tony took the necessary training, where he became a qualified VRT tester, even though, he employed another VRT tester on whom he could rely on.

In 2004, Tony’s VRT Parts & Services was converted into a Limited Liability Company and therefore became Tony’s VRT Parts & Services Ltd. In 2006, the company started to acquire goods directly from other European countries. To begin with, the company started to import Remsa brakes, later Doga wipers and lately (2009), the company also started importing FIAMM batteries to sell them on a wholesale basis.

For sure Tony’s VRT Parts & Services Ltd’s story will not stop here, as the company’s directors’ ambitions will never stop to flesh out. As Tony’s original aspirations came real and the business to grow to what stands to be today.

The company’s present is certainly not the company’s future … Our future will be bigger and always better!

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