Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check whether my vehicle’s VRT test is due this year?

You can easily check by inputting the necessary information on the Transport Malta website by clicking here. Or else you can also check the date printed on the Road license disc which is placed on the vehicle’s windshield.

When can I take my vehicle for the Vehicle Roadworthiness Test?

Vehicle owners requiring their VRT can take their vehicle for VRT up to ninety (90) days before the expiry of the current road license.

When my vehicle fails my Vehicle Roadworthiness Test, what’s the procedure?

Vehicle owners are required to repair the failing items and have the car re-tested within 16 days from the date of the first VRT test.

What happens if the 16 days pass from when my car failed from the first VRT test?

Upon the lapse of the 16 day-period the VRT test will automatically expire from the system, thus a new VRT test would need to be carried out.

When the VRT is done, can I pay the road licence on-line right away?

Yes, once VRT test is passed online by the VRT testing Station clerk, then the customer may proceed at their Insurance broker/intermediary/agency or Transport Malta to pay the road license accordingly.

When can I renew my vehicle insurance coverage?

Renewal of a vehicle's insurance policy is at the discretion of the Insurance Company. A road license renewal can ONLY be done once there is an insurance policy covering the specified period.

Where can I check if I have any pending traffic fines and pay them?

  • Any of the Local Councils
  • The traffic fines web site at
  • The eVERA web site while renewing the vehicle licence