Cars have evolved and the electrical demand on the batteries has risen so much in these last years. Car batteries are needed to power all the electrical accessories, the starter motor and the ignition system. It is important to have a good solid cranking battery on your vehicle. We have a variety of the best car battery brand on the market – FIAMM.

FIAMM Energy Technology has consolidated its position as a leader in the provision of quality starter batteries for some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Nissan, Citroën, DS, Renault, Toyota, Peugeot, Ferrari, FIAT, Jaguar, Volvo, Opel, Maserati, CNH and Piaggio.

Buying a car battery has been made simple for you, by us. This site contains detailed information on a wide range of FIAMM products from the latest in automotive batteries, including AGM batteries, commercial vehicles and leisure batteries. Our website is always being updated, thus if your vehicle is not listed on the site, please call us as we can supply batteries for almost every vehicle on the road.

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  1. FB12A-A
  2. LSB80
  3. ASB80
    Out of stock
  4. ASB70
    Out of stock
  5. ASB200
  6. CHX125RST
  7. CH125RST
  8. B160RSTd
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  9. C200 EHD
    C200 EHD
  10. CX200 EHD
    CX200 EHD
  11. B180EHD
  12. MC15160 EHD
    MC15160 EHD
    Out of stock
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