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At Tony’s we provide comprehensive vehicle testing, including Vehicle Roadworthiness Tests (VRT). We are fully equipped with a test lane which is continuously updated. The VRT station was among the first operating in Malta and has been operating successfully till then. Tony’s VRT station’s main objectives are first of all to give its customers the best service and meanwhile to educate its clientele in making them aware that SAFETY should always come first when maintaining a car. Thus, even though it is compulsory that a car undergoes a test, car owners should take the most of this opportunity to make sure that their car is always safe for themselves and for those who they care most.

Kindly, see the FAQs section below if you have any queries. If your questions remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I take my vehicle for the Vehicle Roadworthiness Test?
Vehicle owners requiring their VRT can take their vehicle for VRT up to ninety (90) days before the expiry of the current road licence.

2. When I fail from my the Vehicle Roadworthiness Test, what should be done next?
Vehicle owners are required to repair the failing items and have the car re-tested within 16 days from the date of the first VRT test.

3. What happens if the 16 days pass from when my care failed from the first VRT?
If the 16 day-period pass the first VRT test will automatically expire from the system, thus a new VRT test would need to be carried out on the car.

4. When the VRT is done, can I pay the road licence on-line right away?
The VRT station concerned should input your VRT details within twenty-four hours, where afterwards you will be able to affect the renewal on-line. We suggest you check directly with your VRT station for exact details.

5. When can I renew my vehicle insurance coverage?
Renewal of a vehicle's insurance policy is at the discretion of the Insurance Company. A road licence renewal can ONLY be done once there is an insurance policy covering the specified period.

6. Where can I check if I have any pending traffic fines and pay them?

- Any of the Local Councils
- The Customer Care of the Local Council Department on Telephone number 21226534 or 21239911
- The traffic fines web site at
- The eVERA web site while renewing the vehicle licence
- The Customer Care of the Licensing and Testing Directorate on freephone 80072309

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