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An unknown author once said that: It takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile, and one nut to scatter it all over the road. Thus, it is of ultimate importance that one takes continuous care of one’s car.

We offer a personalized service where we keep a record for every car, which would include a history of services and repairs carried out on the car. When you book your car for a service or repair we discuss your needs while offering guidance. We are always updating our equipment and thus we also offer the service of fault diagnosis, wheel alignment and engine tune up. A vehicle roadworthiness test is also conducted if required.

ECUTEK - Advanced ECU Technology

EcuTek design and produce high performance ECU tuning and remapping programs for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Nissan vehicles. These programs allow a true and clean remap of the standard ECU, providing the tools to tune to suit almost any circumstance. At the moment, here at Tony’s, we specialise on the remapping of Subaru only.

For all turbocharged Subaru models from 2000 onwards, EcuTek offers supreme ECU tuning performance and value for money. Using EcuTek tools and software, Tony’s reprogram the factory ECU on the vehicle with a custom map, tailored to the specification and behaviour of your vehicle.

EcuTek is suitable from very first upgrades right up to quite serious modifications - there are a number of Subaru Impreza track cars running in the region of 550bhp on the standard ECU with EcuTek mapping.

Thinking of re-mapping your car?

On the first mapping by EcuTek, it will cost a total of Eur 500 (excl. VAT). This would be including a license fee of Eur 200 (excl.VAT) which we would have paid to EcuTek. The custom remap takes 2 to 3 hours depending on the full specification. Starting with either a base map supplied by EcuTek or a Tony’s custom map tailored on a car of similar specifications. We tailor the engine's parameters to maximise performance without compromising safety. This is carried out through a Wideband Lambda sensor to constantly monitor air fuel ratio and knock monitoring equipment to monitor detonation. It is important to note that your custom map would be stored for future reference and for further upgrades.

Subsequent performance enhancements or any other type of subsequent maps are possible at Tony’s. In most cases the pre-existing custom map designed and stored at Tony’s would be used as the base map. The subsequent maps would be chargeable on a time basis, at very reasonable prices, starting from Eur 80 (excl. VAT).

Please note that if the car had been already mapped at another tuner, i.e. not at Tony’s it is not possible to view or download the current map as this is not allowed by the EcuTek. Thus, if the ECU had been already unlocked through an EcuTek license from another tuner, we would need to complete a full custom remap, which would cost Eur 300 (excl. VAT).

Kindly, contact us to book for a service or for repairs on your car on 21579231.

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